Population and Community Development Association (PDA)

Population and Community Development Association (PDA) is a non-governmental organization founded by Mr. Mechai Viravaidya in 1974 to contribute to social development and improvement of people’s quality of life. PDA’s achievements are acknowledged both domestically and internationally. Mr. Mechai Viravaidya as chairman has received many important awards such as Prince Mahidol Award, Bill Gates Award , United Nations Population Award and Ramon Magsaysay Award. Mr. Mechai Viravaidya was also appointed as a member of the National Reform Committee. PDA has also been recognized by The Global Journal in 2012 as one of the best 100 NGOs in the world

PDA activities started with promotion of family planning and primary health care by initiating a volunteer system in villages all over Thailand.  This network then became the base for widening the scope of activities, i.e. establishment of community organizations, income-generation and occupational training, promoting education, environmental conservation, water resource development and democracy.

Our Activity

  • Family Planning and Primary Health Care
  • AIDS Prevention, Information and Care
  • Water Resource Development
  • Forestry and Environmental Conservation
  • Community disaster relief and social work
  • Supporting children, youth and women
  • Rural development with the private sector
  • Quality of life improvement
  • Supporting democracy and gender equality
  • Dissemination of knowledge, research and information