Join in creating change for a better quality of life

Up to the present, PDA has been operating for 50 years, projects to improve the quality of life in various areas. More than 300 projects have been completed continuously. The format and strategies for operating in the past have proven results. and has been applied as a model for improving the quality of life both domestically and abroad

How projects are created
PDA have donor all over the world to bring force the activities of empowerment the poor into the rural Thailand across the country
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STEM camps for youngsters who lack educational opportunity

Because of poverty, more than 2 million Thai children and teenagers still do not have access to education in many places. We can give those children beneficial learning experiences if we work together. By assisting in organising of scientific and environmental camps. To provide children the motivation to pursue careers in science and technology.

Offering educational chances to impoverished and needy youngsters

Thailand still has around 2.5 million children and youngsters in difficult circumstances. Due to the family’s poverty, as a result, there are less options for higher education. You can help these youngsters achieve a better life by funding scholarships.

Improving the quality of life for elderly people in rural Thailand

40% of rural Thailand’s elderly, or around 5.1 million people, have no source of income, are unemployed, and struggle with health and physical constraints. They still want to be employed to earn money. Which will enable them to continue maintaining a stable life.

Trees for us project fight against climate change by increasing green space

Promote trees planting in wilderness areas, public places, temples, schools, cemeteries, road sides etc. depends on local needs and conditions. Trees seedling are encouraged by public and private donations, including general public who wants to participate but do not have time. Each tree planted will be monitored and maintained by the community.

Water management  for rural areas to address the issue of water scarcity

Drought affects more than 320 million square metres of land in rural Thailand each year. Many rural communities must deal with a scarcity of clean water to consume, as well as water for agricultural.  A potential approach is to assist communities in having suitable and effective water resource management in a sustainable manner