Water for Agriculture Project

Natural water source is something that everyone wishes to be near and is a very important factor in national development.

Water is used for consumption in both agriculture and public health. If any area doesn’t have natural water sources and seasonal rain, those areas will face a shortage of water for drinking and sustenance.

This is a crisis that is getting more intense, such problems should be resolved and supported by all parties to alleviate the crisis, and the solution should not focus on expensive technology. If waiting for the government to provide assistance, people in the remote areas will continue to experience shortage of water for drinking and consumption Therefore, PDA which is a public benefit organization established in 1974, engaged in rural development, education, agriculture, industry, public health, resources and environment conserving, under the support of government agencies, private individuals and various people both domestic and international and to improve the quality of life of the people in the remote areas, established a water source development project in 1980

The water source development project carry out rural development along with public health by trying to support the people in the remote areas to have sufficient and sustainable water for consumption


  1. To provide water that is suitable for household consumption
  2. To use water for household in each village by using the principles of community participation in the construction of a water supply system.
  3. To provide the people with the water for agriculture in their own village
  4. To train member in management and maintenance, and establishing a community management committee, which duties is to operate project of the community continuously and efficiency.


  1. Members participating in the project have more incomes and agricultural products for consumption and sufficient water for agriculture.
  2. A group of villagers organizations that have revolving funds for integrated agricultural activities are established, and be able to operate independently and set an example for nearby communities.

   3.The members of the Vegetable Bank Project have skills in both production and marketing.

   4.Members have a career and have extra income from selling agricultural products, and can reduce family expenses            to a certain extent.

   5.Reduce labor migration problems.

Number of beneficiaries

100 households in the operation area that are poor and lacking drinking water

Rules for the construction of waterworks for agriculture

  1. village is lacking drinking water
  2. village have good quality water sources and the quantity is sufficient for the whole village.
  3. There is an electrical system in the village or nearby.
  4. villagers are ready to participate to help the community.
  5. PDA will establish a minimum fund of 30,000 baht to maintain a water supply systems.
  6. PDA will repair and procure replacement parts within 1 year after starting operation for the damage that occurs in the event of natural disasters or accidental occurrences.
  7. PDA will give  the management of water supply systems for agriculture to the village after the village paying back all system fees.
  8. PDA will use the money that has been paid from the system fee for building waterworks for agriculture in other villages,which also lacking water.

Operating procedure

  1. Preparing communities and village information
  2. Surveying areas and water sources
  3. Meeting to clarify the project.
  4. Member Registration
  5. Study trip
  6. Member selection
  7. Test water quality and quantity (underground, surface)
  8. Select the group management committee.
  9. Construction of the waterworks for agriculture system
  10. Group Executive Committee Training
  11. Training member in agriculture
  12. Training in marketing, and study trip
  13. Support cropping
  14. Reports the progress to supporters every 6 months