Promotion and support of water systems for organic vegetables production, pumping with solar cells

The development plan of Thailand face various problems and changes. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the people and systems to adapt to change in the future and creating immunity for all sectors such as economic, society and environment, as well as managing the overall sector of the country, so that Thai people can live happily and sustainably under the changing conditions

Overall, Thailand still has economic and social that are mainly based on agriculture. Especially the northeast region, which has as much as 1/3 agricultural areas in the country, but has low agricultural productivity per area because a lack of irrigation systems.

the overall Irrigation systems in northeast region only cover 20% of the area.Therefore, it can be seen that most farmers rely on rainwater or have water sources in the area. But farmers lack knowledge and technology to use water, so in 1 year or 12 months, farmers do 4 months of farming. as for another 8 months they don’t know what to do without water for agriculture. These cause a lot of economic and social problems.

Therefore, PDA as an organization that has experience in rural development for over 40 years, saw the need to reduce the problem of inequality in agricultural social by creating a project called “Promotion and support of water systems for organic vegetables production, pumping with solar cells” to create jobs, create markets, create income for the agricultural sector. The nature of the operation is to support the water system for agriculture by pumping with solar energy in the plot,that will let farmers come together to do activities such as growing organic vegetables, which will be able to do agriculture throughout the year.The operation also encouraging water to flow to all agricultural plots in the project throughout the year.


  1. To support pumping with solar cells for planting organic vegetables in the plot
  2. To encourage farmers to grow vegetables in the plot, producing food and income
  3. To promote activity management by a group of farmers
  4. To promote the use of solar energy in the production of organic vegetables to generate income


  1. There are water systems that are pumping with solar cells to grow organic vegetables in Khon Kaen, Maha Sarakham and Kalasin provinces, with 40 families of farmers in each province received the benefits.
  2. 40 farmers or households, including 160 members participating in the activity, have vegetables for consumption throughout the year and have a income of 4,000 baht / person / month, a total of 160,000 baht / month, with a total income of 1,920,000 baht / year on the agricultural land that has been allocated, 800 square meters / person.
  3. There are group of farmers that manages water and solar cell systems and the group of vegetable growers that developed into a community enterprise that produces organic vegetables.
  4. Use renewable energy, that is solar energy, to make money which can reduce the cost of pumping water by electricity by 48,000 baht per year per system
  5. Become a source of learning in organic vegetable farming, marketing, group management and alternative energy

Operation area

  1. In Khon Kaen, Maha Sarakham and Kalasin provinces
  2. 40 households of farmer, including 160 members participating in the activity.
  3. Area of ​​25 rai per 1 solar-powered water pumping system

Operating procedure

  1. Survey areas suitable for the project for example, public land with surface water or groundwater that suitable for agriculture
  2. Village meeting to clarify the project and clarify the rules for the groups that will participate in the project
  3. Take members to study the production of organic vegetables in combined plots that pumping water by solar cell.
  4. Meeting to hear opinions and decision to participate in the project, and choose a group committee
  5. Construction of the water system in the vegetable plots that pumping water with solar cells.
  6. Training to increase knowledge and skills for members, including
  • Management of solar cell systems
  • Production of organic vegetables
  • Marketing
  1. Farmers can grow vegetables while manage the irrigation System and marketing by themselves.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation