• Background


PDA and KAS in 2019 launched the ‘Business for Social and Environmental Development (BSE)’ Project. BSE is based on Social Market Economy principles. These are to reduce inequalities and to solve environmental problems with government support, while maintaining private sector entrepreneurship and markets. The project is also in line with national Thai policies like ‘sufficiency economy’, 5-Year Plan by the National and Economic Social Development Council (NESDC) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The IT component of the project (use of internet, e-commerce, social networks, video-conferencing) has become crucial for project success due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

  • Objectives

The updated project objective is to reduce social inequalities and to solve environmental problems with government support, maintaining private sector entrepreneurship and markets in line with  Social Market Economy principles.

  • Duration, target area and operation

The first phase of the project has a duration of 3 years. Activities are coordinated from PDA centers in the following provinces: Northeast (Mahasarakam, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram), North (Chiang Rai), West (Kanchanaburi), South (Krabi).

Target groups are community businesses and local government agencies. Main activities are training and counselling on social market economy principles for community enterprises with activities such as organic farming, bee-keeping, herbal and bamboo products, as well as local government and leaders.

  • Expected results

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic initiatives with  government agencies started in 2019 had to be scaled back, but links with Subdistrict Administration Organizations (TAO), cooperatives and social enterprises will be strengthened as far as possible in future.

Relevant IT knowledge, i.e. use of Facebook/Line and special apps will be increased, skills updated through live training and networks, and marketing/distribution improved through e-commerce platforms, stressing social and environmental benefits.